LooKeys 3.0

It is a comprehensive Indian languages word editor package
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LooKeys is an application that allows you to type in a number of Indian Languages, and in English. It is a virtual keyboard that allows you to chat, email and do any kind of typing task in your own language. You can use it with a number of Microsoft software such as Internet Explorer, Notepad and Microsoft Office. Lookeys is fully compatible with Microsoft Office, so now you can create documents in your own language. The interface is pretty clean and very easy to use. It also has a web editor that allows you to create online documents in 10 Indian languages. It has a number of options that allows you to change different settings such as the keyboard type and the color of the keyboard. It also has an inbuilt profile system that saves settings of multiple users in multiple profiles. There are also some powerful tools to improve Indian languages typing capabilities. You can even use your mouse for typing with simple point and click operations. This version is compatible with both Microsoft Windows XP and Windows Vista.

Vineet Sharma
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  • 10 Indian Languages are supported
  • Keyboard Types & Layout can be edited


  • Ad supported
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